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About us

Lake St Locksmith is a professional locksmith company servicing the people in Chicago. We offer a wide range of auto, residential, and commercial locksmith services at an affordable price. Our locksmiths and hotline are always open to cater to all of the needs of our clients.

Our services are not only limited to providing solutions to locks and keys issues but also, we can help you improve the security systems of your house and commercial business. These services are guaranteed excellent and efficient to all of your locksmith needs. Expect our experts to come to your place if we deliver our solutions as we don’t want our clients to experience difficulties and hassles.

If you are somewhere in Chicago and you’re seeking professional locksmith services, we are just one call away. We have prepared and equipped locksmiths that can immediately respond to your location. Don’t hesitate and contact us now!

15-Minute Response Time

Clients need immediate locksmith services. Even if locksmith companies offer emergency responses, you can’t ensure if these are delivered in the fastest way. Since we started our company, we notice that clients complaints about the slow services from other locksmiths.

At Lake St Locksmith, we assure you 15-minute response time to all of our client’s calls. In a short span of time, we can get you back on track any time or anywhere you are in Chicago. Call us now! 

Our Services

Residential Locksmith

Homes are our safe spaces. We spend our time with our family in this place. This is where we relax and stay after school and work. You need reliable security measures to prevent theft and illegal intrusions. 

Installing efficient security systems in your house can bring several advantages. The most salient is the protection of your family. This is why Lake St Locksmith is here to guide and assist you with this. 

With the complete range of our residential locksmith services, we can help you improve your home security systems. We also extend assistance if you encounter lockouts and key breakage. Call us and we got your back!

Commercial Locksmith

If you own a business in Chicago, you should protect it by enhancing its security measures. Commercial properties are vulnerable to robbery and illegal intrusions which why it is best for you to secure your space. Having a reliable security system can prevent these cases to happen as this can affect your business or maybe, put everything at risk. 

At Lake St Locksmith, we offer numerous commercial locksmith services that can solve your problems. No matter if it is installing a strong security measure or replacements of your locks, we have it all. You don’t need to worry anymore as solutions can be availed with just one call. 

Contact us and our customer service representatives are always available to cater to your needs. We will send immediate help through our mobile locksmiths.

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Emergency Locksmith

There are instances you may encounter emergencies with your locks and keys. The worst scenario is it happens during hours where all of the businesses are closed. You don’t have someone to call to help you in solving the problem immediately.

At Lake St Locksmith, we offer emergency locksmith assistance. This is to ensure that all of our clients receive the complete solutions to their locks and key problems. We always value the advantages that our clients can get by availing of our services so you don’t have to worry anymore as we got your back always. 

The emergency services we offer are also delivered at the fastest time possible. It is essential that we can assist our clients immediately to get them back on track. 

Auto Locksmith

Car lockouts and broken keys can occur at any time. These are the common enemy of the car owners as it slows down their daily routine. The worst experience is it will happen if you’re rushing to go to work. 

We have foreseen this since we are forming the services we offer. The locksmiths in our company have been through in-depth training to help our clients with their car locks and keys problems. With just one call, we will immediately rush to your location to help you with your problems. 

Forget your worries now since you have Lake St Locksmith to assist you. Consider your troubles solved after your call. Our professionals are ready to guide and help you. 

We Do the Tasks at Your Location


Lake St Locksmith is careful with our services. We always monitor and ensure that all of the solutions we provide to our clients are high-quality and efficient. With such, we trained all of our employees to uphold the qualities of our company.

Since we rush to your location to serve you with our services, we assure you that you can get the needed solutions in the quickest way. Our professional mobile locksmiths are equipped with top-notch locksmith tools brought with them if they come to your place. All you need to do is wait a bit since your locks and keys issues are considered solved. 

We always perform services at the location of our clients. In this way, they are not required to travel to our site just to avail our services. Our company guarantees you everything is delivered to you to avoid hassles.

The happiness and satisfaction of our clients are the fuel that drives our company to serve the community of Chicago. With the advantages we can offer to the clients, we are confident to continue our services while sustaining the quality of our services. Every transaction we receive adds up to the determination of our locksmiths in serving the people.

Call us as we have mobile locksmiths on the go and passionate to lend you a hand with any kind of locksmith service. 

Call For Immediate Response(708) 578-7894

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If you are living in Chicago or encountered lockouts while driving around the area, Lake St Locksmith is here to serve you. You can call us any time of the day as we are always available 24/7 to cater to your problems. Our customer service representatives and mobile locksmiths are ready to rush to aid your needs. Call us now or visit our site to know more about us and our services.

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Whenever you feel a need from locksmith professionals, don’t hesitate to let us know for we are a very approachable and easy to reach locksmith provider that can surely take your worries about locks and keys problems.

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